Research Study Participation Opportunity For New Patients


At Alliance Clinical Associates, we are committed to providing the highest quality of whole-person mental health care. We are partnering with Wheaton College on a new research project that might help us as a healthcare community, better understand the role of spirituality in mental health.


Who can participate?

 New adult patients (18 or older) of Dr. Robert Marseilles, Dr. Richard Wolff, or Dr. Ken Phillips.


What would I need to do to participate?

 You will fill out three identical computerized surveys over the course of one year—one immediately after your first appointment with the doctor, another one 6 months later, and one more 6 months after that. Each survey will each take 15-30 minutes to complete.


What are the benefits?

 You will receive a $25 Amazon gift certificate for each survey you complete (a total of $75 for three surveys). Your responses may help the mental health field as a whole to improve how we personalize the treatment approach to each unique patient.


What are the risks?

 You will be answering survey questions about your values, worldview, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may be uncomfortable to consider. In addition, any and all clinical research carries a potential risk to patient confidentiality. However, we take all the appropriate steps to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. Your responses to the surveys will be kept confidential and completely separate from your medical record at Alliance Clinical Associates. Your doctor and other providers will not have access to your responses to the survey.


How do I sign up?

 Mention your interest to your psychiatrist. If appropriate, your doctor will offer you an opportunity to enroll in the study and connect you with our research associate who will be on site at Alliance during your appointment.


Can I choose not to participate?

 Of course. Your participation is completely voluntary. Your choice not to participate will not affect your care at Alliance in any way.


Who could I contact with questions about the study?

You can contact Dr. Vitaliy Voytenko, who is the lead researcher for this project, at or (630) 752-5921.




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